WULA Management Specialists

Lead by experienced individuals striving to change the way we manage WULAs through smart & simple solutions.
Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Forestry, Residential and Commercial Development,
Tourism (Lodges), Golf Courses, etc.
We specialise in the compilation management, submission and follow up work associated with WULAs, our aim is to assist you in obtaining your Water Use License or General Authorisation in the most efficient, timely and cost effective way possible.
We have a team of experienced and skilled individuals that define the strength of iwula, by helping provide the quality you need.
We aim to provide you with piece of mind when it comes to your water use activities, making sure you have made the sensible choice for yourself and your business.
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WULA Services

We are on a mission to empower companies and individuals through our specialised team and transparent business values by offering comprehensive support in the compilation, management, submission and follow up work associated with WULA’s within the commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, energy, and mining sectors.

Compilation of water use license applications and general authorisation applications.

Verification of a property’s existing lawful water Uses.
Compliance Auditing of existing Water Use Licenses.
Guidance and assistance to Environmental Impact Assessment Practitioners (EAP’s).

iwula Approach

For those who need expert, reliable guidance during the WULA process, iwula is boldly challenging the South African water regulatory system and associated norms to ensure responsible and timely national water management and regulation. We understand that health, prosperity and progress need water in every facet of our lives and therefore we are aware of the social, environment and economic implications of poor and irresponsible water management. This is why you can trust iwula, we know water is life and are uncompromising in our mission to make it a resource enriching our living world.

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W.E.C.O System

With us being so invested in helping businesses and the environment, we’ve decided to start something new. The W.E.C.O. System. The aim is to bring individuals & businesses involved in environmental space together to share, learn, and help each other to ultimately improve how our water is protected through smart and simple solutions.

We aim to build an inclusive community of people that are passionate about the environment and will want to join in building the future of how we can help play our part in the way we manage water.



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