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Iwula Passion

To help people solve complex water use challenges, in line with our moral obligations, laws and science to achieve sustainable water provision and wastewater management, and to protect & prevent pollution of our water resources through regulation, auditing, monitoring & compliance, underpinned by environmental and socio-economic values.

Who We Are.

We have a solutions mindset.
We do not linger on a problem, we debate it, strategise it and find a solution. We get excited when faced with new challenges as it presents opportunities to learn, improve and solve through innovation. We assist with WULA’s, but we are continuously solving the broader problem. We understand that to make a true impact in this space, we have to create a positive environment for success. We have entrenched a solid foundation that has been created over multiple years which is always improving through experience. We understand that in order to protect our water resources we need to focus on what we have prioritised as fundamentals for success for the environment and our clients. We understand that efficiency does not always lead to effectiveness unless the sum of all parts of the ecosystem works.

Why We Do It.

Water is life in every aspect, social, environmental, economical. If we don’t protect our water, what will be left?

Being so focused on the management of WULAs, we came to understand the footprint of correct decisions, makes a tremendous difference for the businesses we help, the communities impacted and how we affect the environment. We feel the difference we make allows these factors to work harmoniously together, creating a more sustainable and beneficial future.

iwula Value.

Businesses often make a mistake when managing their water uses and subsequently when applying for authorisation. By engaging with iwula, you can ensure a sound foundation for the management of your water resources and water security, for the future of your business. Because of the slow turnaround time of WULAs as well as the dynamic and complex nature of these applications, not to mention the management challenges from the inception stages of a project, these applications have become a tedious exercise and an administrative burden within the Environmental Authorisation processes. More specialisation is required in the field of WULAs. It is the mission of iwula to eliminate “grey” areas in the process and also to make the process more efficient without compromising quality, saving you time and money. We further aim to continuously find new solutions in the pursuit to effect the issuance of Water Use Authorisations within acceptable time frames Our professional team has invaluable and extensive experience in WULAs, which have been obtained through specialisation in the field over many years. Our specialisation in this field has allowed iwula to provide each client with a professional, cost and time effective, and generally smooth WULA experience.
We aim to share news, information and data to empower you, in an attempt to help the water industry and the people involved.
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